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Privacy Policy

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Data Handling Policy

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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy agreement on Learnir and all its services.


Learnir (“us”, “we”, or “our”) company operates and all services on its subdomain (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

  • This privacy policy is tuned to organizations and when needed individuals of these companies.

Data Handling

Personal Data While using our Service, we ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information.

  • These Personally, identifiable information may include but is not limited to: Email, Name, Phone, and Billing Information.

  • We use this to make the console service work for you, directly contact you as needed in connection to the console, and nothing else.

Usage Data We along with the tools we depend on collect your device information to help us optimize our product over time, this constitutes but is not limited to browser info, device location, etc.

  • This is a dynamic piece of console and changes per the quality of the service we depend on.

Other Data

  • We may in time collect information to help us improve the console service.

  • This section is to note that, every info request comes with positive intent.

Retention of Data

  • We retain this data for as long as you use our services and will delete based on requests sent to us.

Usage of Data

  • We don’t take this data anywhere else than us + our service providers(for our own serving) + benefit back to you.

Security of Data

  • We strive to keep your data secure and have identified all vectors to the compromisation of your data.

  • Our goal is to work with both our customers+the-outside-world+our-engineering to always stay ahead of the curve with keeping your data safe.

Data Handing

  • We welcome all types of requests in terms of the handling of your data according to whichever jurisdiction you/your company is situated in. Simply send us a request here

    [email protected]

Service Providers

  • We depend on other services to make our services work, in general, servers, databases, development, and per function tools.

  • We audit them to the best of our ability and choose what is rightly dependable and tested by other companies.

  • This is as much insurance for any security-related work in terms of closing the loop of how all the data of our platform moves around.

Exercising functions of this Policy