Learnir enables organizations alike in crushing the work required in building and managing the best of learning portals.

Achieving learning goals is a second order effect of great learning experiences, Learnir helps you achieve that.

How we think about the work of Learnir

From Binance, Google, Nvidia to other companies alike, a focused segment of their product is to build learning portals for their communities to get educated on skills, product features, field knowledge etc. This goes the same for many other major and medium sized companies. Learnir is positioned to cut the everlasting work required to build the portals experienced by the audiences of these companies.

What problem does Learnir solve?

With a sole focus on knowledge/education content, Learnir's goal is to
1. Make available the tools of learning portal creation easy to implement for customers, future and now. 2. Allow collaboration of developer and non-developer personas on Learnir to enable maximum efficiency and output. 3. Efficiently ensure superb experience in both managing and experiencing the knowledge content being managed.

What guides us?


We build for real people, real businesses, all impact we have on them should be positive, and our products should help them flourish.


Solving problems unknown, building for the future and now. Enabling customers build the best learning experiences, future and now.


Talk as you think, let’s get to solutions. Punch us with hard truths, yet don’t leave us without solutions and ideas, etc.


We are people, for every great thing we want for ourselves, we should do for others. Care, Integrity, Effort to name a few.


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