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Learnir helps you deliver the best of learning experiences from management to delivery

Structure and organize your knowledge content, ready for your people to Learn something new.™

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Learning Management

Bring all your knowledge content together under one roof, organized and structured, welcomed from any type of source, combined to learning components.

Learning Distribution

Distribute your boxes via ports into your templates of choice - choose a template per what suites your goal and customize to your brand.

Learning Experience

Serve your knowledge via your learning portals or use our sdk and component tooling to render as you please anywhere on the internet.

Start your learning experience with a content box

Bring your learning experience content into sections & categories


Support all types of learning media

Setup your learning sections with media of all types. Video, audio, files, etc and add new fields as needed to support further learning use-case ideas.

Include interactive box components

Components is an ever growing toolset for interactive learning experiences. Popular of which includes quizzes, certifications, website embeds, leaderboards etc.

Add new fields as needed

Unlimit your learning boxes by setting all the information you need for your learning box completely. Popular of these includes author information, code examples etc.


Done? setup your boxes for going live

Ports allow you to establish where your boxes will be going out to, where and how.

Deploy via templates - enough templates

Templates allow you to serve your learning experiences your way, clone a learning portal of choice and customize it fully to your needs. On brand, the default, you choose.

Custom build from the ground up

Learnir provides sdks and a components-interaction-module for you to build your learning as needed, whether learning via InProduct or via Slack bots, you choose.


Know the impact of your learning experience

Get insights by default from our templates and add as needed to connect learning back to your business

Enjoy 3+ categories of learning experience data points

Combine insights directly from your learning portal sites, learning interactions data, and learning content data to see if your on track to achieve your learning goals.

Get streamlined reports & build your own reports as needed

Learnir automatically summaries your learning insight categories and allows you to expand, customize and tap into statistical templates to generate further insights into learner behaviours.

Know the impact of your learning experience

Stay ahead of the times by tapping into an ever growing list of tools from actual interactive learning components to functional in the background components, all the way to the many ways to present your learning experiences.