Achieving learning goals is a second order effect of a great learning experience

A popular phenomenon in the LMS industry is the idea of a fully managed service usually sold to administrators.

Learnir is for you if you actually care about Learners first before you work backwards to you(the manager).

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Standardized Pricing

Starts $599/month - 20 days trial

All the benefits of Learnir in one, no card needed for 20 days.


Unlimited Content Boxes

Unlimited Distribution Ports

Unlimited Consumers

Unlimited Content Storage

Unlimited Streams & Downloads

Component Features(quizzes, commerce etc)

Access to all reporting features

Access to all collaboration features

Access to all learning templates

Permissioned Access Invites

Onboarding Support

Integration Services

Access to new features

Learning outcome guarantee

What are content boxes?

A content box is a structured format of your knowledge, in your content boxes, knowledge is stored in sections allowing you to organize everything from videos, rich-text, files content and experience components(quizzes, certifications, leaderboards etc).

What are distribution ports?

Distribution ports allow you to organize your content boxes into one, enabling the ability for it to rendered anywhere on the internet via the port access key. Distribution ports allow you to control how your content is accessed and where it is accessed from.

Billing setup, what do I need to know?

On signup, you will automatically be setup with the 20 days trial free range to evaluate how Learnir can help you deliver your learning experiences. In this period, we will help you with support in building your learning experience to close up the evaluation to usage process.

I have questions?

Your questions serve as feedback for us, from in-product send as a chat message or email us here

What happens after I sign up?

The purpose of Learnir is to enable you to create the best of learning experiences. Learnir streamlines creating your knowledge content, to making it ready to be digested and from there having a solid look into how the learning is going etc. On signup, you will be introduced to a new and improved way to setup your learning experiences from components, learning highlights to reports etc. You will come out having setup your learning experience in the best kind of way possible.

Who is Learnir great for currently?

Learnir is great for product-based organizations currently(a chosen focus of our team). We calculate this speeds up understanding the proposition and use of features in the real world etc. With the learnings and achievements, a default great step a T shaped movement into providing a better product service.