1. First, some ground work

Try to rememeber all the ways through which you have learned something, remember the medium through which you learned it?- video, audio, text, files and learning by doing?

2. Connecting it to Learnir

For education personas, console is where you setup this learning content. To make your content available to the outside world, you invite over who is responsible for the technical side of your learning experiences to deploy as you need from our list of templates or using our tooling, whichever distribution interface where your training will be most effective.

3. Now lets solve for your use case

Educate customers about your product

Certify customers as experts of your product

Educate your audience on industry skills

Educate new employees into your company

Solving for education of customers can go in many ways, usually if its going into further details, organizations launch a university/learn/academy/education portal to enable that. This standalone portal is best solved with the academy template here as it solves for large sets of courses.

Education teams accompany on-demand with live courses, this is solved by using the webinar components offered in console.

To serve your education content in your product itself, you can use the sdk here to serve it directly where your customers are

Actually be on brand as needed

Actually be on brand by delegating this to the persona solely responsible for managing this portal, no more trying to force through platform limitations to get your portal on brand, let your developer change through css variables as needed with full control over bringing portal sites on par with your product/marketing sites. Full ownership over an already good template

Ahead of the times by experimentation

Current platforms force you to accept what they provide, Learnir gives you what you will get with these platforms, yet allows you to experiment with further improvements which make direct impact in how Learners interact with your learning portals. Cut time to signup into half by automatically authenticating signed on visitors or by making joining a box one click. Put your experiements in a staging site. No more platform limitations.

Releases, Updates, reviews & Optimizations

Every template will get major releases allowing you to tap into new ways of thinking optionaly without being forced into by platform limitations. Changes do not break old setups as new releases can be ingested in small phases allowing you to optimize further with your learning experienses. Updates are documented to get insights on whether or not you need them. Get free optimizations to pick from.

4. Here are all the available templates

To launch an academy, we recommend this (Portal Simple) employee, social learning templates and templates for other unique use-cases offered to allow you present learning experiences in new ways.

Explore Templates

5. Components to combine to your learning experience

Quiz types - (Single, Multi & Written responses) Reward types - (Certificates, Goodies, Badges) Embed types - (Webpage embed) Upcoming - (commerce, leaderboards, further sub types etc.)

Access Components

SDK tooling gives you back full control for further use cases, docs here