Learning portal engineers, here's how you can supercharge your companies learning experiences

There is alot to do in regards to enabling your organization build the best of experiences. Here’s all of it.


You can contribute a new way type of learning experience template based on your customizations etc back into the learnir ecosystem. In this case, by simply sending a pull request to the github repository of choice.

Explore Portals


You can request new learning experience components and we will enable you do that by first building what we term a componenter and then you build the renderer in the learnir-exp-components repo here.

Access Components

You can of course, enable alot by requesting features to our exp-sdk and exp-functions libraries here

Building on Learnir, what knowledge would I need?

Heres the documentation for deploying & building template here

Documentation for understanding & building components here here

SDK code exists here and we welcome issues or discussions around the code here

Further engineering works around Learnir if open can be found on our github here